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    Western Botanicals Astragalus root extract

    Used traditionally for allergies and frequent colds. Also for diabetes, kidney problems, prolapsed organs, and slow-healing skin eruptions.

    Astragalus plays a vital role in Chinese medicine. It has been used historically to treat infections of the mucus membranes of the body, especially the urinary and respiratory tracts. This herb is also known to help strengthen the immune system by stabilizing the body's shield or defenses against viruses and bacteria. This herb is oftentimes likened unto Echinacea,however,the difference between the two herbs is that Astragalus can also be used as a long-term preventative and restorative herb,both to prevent illness and to renew energy and the body's overall CHI or vitality.
    The Chinese name for Astragalus is Huang qi,which means yellow energy. This herb is considered a treatment for frequent colds, chronic lung weakness,shortness of breath,weak digestion,general weakness or fatigue,lack of appetite,diabetes,organ prolapse, nephritis,stomach ulcers,and it is also known as a liver protectant and heart tonic.

    Astragalus is widely known to help strengthen both the vital parts of the immune system: nonspecific immunity,which protects against a wide range of foreign invaders,and specific immunity,which enlists individual antibodies to target specific invaders (antigens). At least three polysaccharides and two saponin constituents may be invaders in these effects.