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Western Botanicals Single Herb Extracts Index

Western Botanicals Formulas Index

Western Botanicals Bulk Herbs Index

Western Botanicals Single Herb Capsules


Alfalfa Leaf extract

Angelica Root extract

Arnica Flower extract

Ashwagandha Root extract

Astragalus Root extract


Barberry Root extract

Bayberry Bark extract

Bilberry Leaf extract

Bitter Melon extract

Black Cohosh Root extract

Black Current Fruit extract

Black Current Leaf extract

Black Walnut Hull extract (green)

Bladderwrack extract

Blessed Thistle herb extract

Bloodroot extract

Blue Cohosh Root extract

Blue Flag Root extract

Blue Vervain Flower extract

Boneset Herb extract

Broad Bean extract

Buchu Leaf extract

Buckthorn Bark extract

Burdock Root extract

Butcher's Broom Root extract


Cactus Grandiflora extract

Calamas Root extract

Calendula Flower extract

Cascara Sagrada Bark extract

Cat's Claw Bark extract

Catnip leaf/flower extract

Cayenne, Habenero 200,000 HU Syrup

Cayenne, Habenero 200,000 HU extract

Cedar Berry extract

Celery Seed extract

Chamomile Flower extract

Chaste Tree Berry extract

Chickweed herb extract

Cinnamon Bark extract

Cleaver's herb extract

Clove Bud extract

Colt's Foot herb extract

Coriander Seed extract

Corn Silk extract

Cramp Bark extract


Damiana leaf extract

Dandelion leaf extract

Dandelion root extract

Devil's Claw root extract

Devil's Club root bark extract

Dong Quai root extract

Dulse leaf extract


Echinacea Angustifola root extract

Echinacea Purpurea root extract

Elder Berry extract

Elecampane root extract

Eleuthero root extract

Eyebright herb extract


False Unicorn root extract

Fennel Seed extract

Fenugreek Seed extract

Feverfew extract


Garlic extract

Gentian root extract

Ginger root extract

Ginkgo leaf extract

Goldenrod herb extract

Gotu Kola extract

Grape Seed extract

Grapefruit Peel extract

Gravel Root extract

Green Coffee Bean extract

Green Tea Leaf extract

Guarana Seed extract

Gymnema Leaf extract


Hawthorn Berry extract

Hawthorn Flowers/leaf extract

Hibiscus Flower extract

Hops Flowers extract

Horehound Herb extract

Horse Chestnut extract

Horseradish Root extract

Horsetail Herb extract

Hydrangea Root extract

Hyssop Leaf extract


Irish Moss extract


Jamaican Dogwood Bark extract

Juniper Berry extract


Kava Kava Root extract

Kola Nut extract


Lavender Herb/Flower extract

Lemon Balm Leaf extract

Licorice Root extract

Linden Flower extract

Lobelia Herb/Seed extract

Lobelia Herb/Seed vinegar extract


Maca Root extract

Maitake Mushroom extract

Marshmallow Root extract

Meadowsweet Herb extract

Milk Thistle Seed extract

Mistletoe extract

Mormon Tea extract

Motherwart Herb extract

Muira Puama Root extract

Mullein Leaf extract

Myrrh Gum extract


Neem Leaf extract

Nettle Leaves extract


Oat Tops extract

Oil Of Oregano extract

Olive Leaf extract

Orange Peel extract

Oregano Leaf extract

Oregon Grape Root extract

Osha Root extract


Papaya Leaf extract

Parsley Leaf extract

Parsley Root extract

Passion Flower Herb extract

Pau D' Arco Bark extract

Peach Bark extract

Peppermint Leaf extract

Periwinkle Herb extract

Plantain Herb extract

Pleurisy Root extract

Poke Root extract

Prickly Ash Bark extract

Pumpkin Seed extract

Pygeum Bark extract


Quassia Chip extract


Red Clover Blossom extract

Red Raspberry Leaf extract

Red Root extract

Reishi Mushroom extract

Rhubarb Root extract

Rosemary Herb extract


Safflower Leaf extract

Sage Leaf extract

Sanicle Herb extract

Sarsaparilla Bark extract

Sassafras Root Bark extract

Saw Palmetto Berry extract

Schisandra Berry extract

Scullcap Herb extract

Senna Leaf extract

Sheep Sorrel extract

Shepherd's Purse Herb extract

Shiitake Mushroom extract

Skunk Cabbage Root extract

Slippery Elm Bark extract

Squawvine Herb extract

St. John's Wort Tops extract

Stevia Herb extract

Stillingia Root extract


Thuja Leaf extract

Turkey Rhubarb Root extract

Turmeric Root extract


Usnea Lichen extract

Uva Ursi Leaf extract


Valerian Root extract

Vanilla Bean extract


White Oak Bark extract

White Willow Bark extract

Wild Cherry Bark extract

Wild Indigo Root extract

Wild Lettuce Herb extract

Wild Yam Root extract

Wood Betony Herb extract

Wormwood Herb extract


Yarrow Herb extract

Yellow Dock Root extract

Yerba Santa Leaf extract

Yohimbe Bark extract