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Cranberry/Buchu, 100 capsules Western Botanicals Cranberry/Buchu,cranberry buchu capsules,herbs for bladder infection

Cranberry/Buchu, 100 capsules (122-460)

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Western Botanicals Cranberry/Buchu: The medicinal properties in cranberry and buchu herb make them an excellent choice in treating urinary tract infections. Cranberry produces hippuric acid in the urine which acidifies the urine and prevents...
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So Soothing and Healing for Bladder Infections

<p>Cranberry/Buchu is a life saver, so soothing and healing for bladder infections. I used to get bladder infections all the time when I was dealing with Candida. Glad that when I got rid of the Candida I no longer get bladder infections. I keep it on hand just in case because I sure don't like the symptoms, not fun. In all my years of suffering this was the best product I ever used to deal with the symptoms and help get things cleared up. Be sure to drink lots of water to help flush things out.</p>

Reviews 1-1 of 1