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Goldenseal Combo,100 capsules Western Botanicals Goldenseal Combination,herbs to fight flu,herbs to kill virus

Goldenseal Combo,100 capsules (122-084)

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Western Botanicals potent Goldenseal Combination for Flu and Virus is both anti-viral and anti-bacterial. In addition, the Goldenseal in this formula quickly soothes the digestive tract. This product has long been the favorite to be used at the...
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Best Flu Fighting Remedy Ever!

<p>I had a flu come on like a freight train one day. I had been taking my usual stuff for four hours and no relief. I took a three capsules of Goldenseal Combination and I headed to bed. I felt so terrible as I went to bed, but as the night went on and I kept taking it, I felt better and better. By morning, I had slept until 10:00, and felt much improved and was able to do my work. This formula formerly was called Flu and Virus and it works wonders! Keep taking it for at least a week after feeling well to boost the immune system.</p>

Reviews 1-1 of 1