Dr. Christophers SUPER GARIC IMMUNE SYRUP, 16 oz. Dr. Christophers Super Garlic Immune Formula,herbs to fight illness,herbs to help immune system

Dr. Christopher's SUPER GARIC IMMUNE SYRUP, 16 oz. (101-132)

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Dr. Christopher's Super Garlic Immune FormulaDr. Christopher's famous "Anti-Plague" formula. Historically used for immune system support and as an herbal remedy for cold & flu season. This is the best remedy for colds, flu, or any communicable...
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Amazing Formula!!

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I can't say enough good things about this formula!!!!

I've been taking it since 2006, and have not been sick once since then! 11 years of being illness free!

As soon as I feel any illness coming on I take large doses (around 4 to 6 tablespoons) of this stuff and by morning I am feeling normal again and sometimes better than normal!

It tastes nasty, but the unpleasantness is worth it hehe

I have also used it in conjunction with high doses of Vitamin C (10,000mg to 18,000mg per day spread out across 16 hours) and a Honeywell Air Purifier to save my father's life TWICE from severe pre-pneumonia that could have easily become fatal within days. His cure time the first time was one day and the second time it took about two days.

Once when he was 89 and once when he was 90. He will be 91 later this year!

In my opinion Dr. Christopher was a genius in similar standing with Einstein, Hemiunu, Schrodinger, Maxwell, and other great men. :)

I say this because freshly cut garlic by itself, while also very effective, does not seem to be as effective as this formula!

There seems to be some extra potency that this formula has in it, based on my experiences with it for over a decade.

When I work with just fresh garlic cloves by themselves I don't get the same level of reliability of cure.


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<p>Excellent for so many things . . . feeling rough, cold coming on, flu, sick to your stomach, etc. etc. I even give them out to my children and the grandchildren. I've used this product for years and swear by it.</p>



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<p>We have been using this for years now and swear by it. If we feel the flu coming on, or sick to stomach, or ? just take an eyedropper full (strong taste) the effect is practically instant. We have small bottles in the car, and by bedsides. My grandkids ask for it when they aren't feeling well. LOVE IT!</p>

Reviews 1-3 of 3