Dr. Christophers BLACK OINTMENT, 2 oz. Dr Christophers Black Drawing Ointment,Black Ointment,herbal ointment for skin cancer,ointment for moles

Dr. Christopher's BLACK OINTMENT, 2 oz. (101-136)

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Dr. Christopher's Black Ointment: A synergistic formula traditionally used to help draw out toxins and impurities so the tissue can heal.This formula is traditionally known for its ability to help draw out toxins and poison from an area, especially...
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Philadelphia, PA

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<p>I have had one jar of this ointment for years now, and it is almost gone, so I'm ordering 2 more now! I have been using it, mainly in conjunction, with a black salve, which I purchased elsewhere, that targets and kills small skin cancers. I use the Christopher Black Ointment after the dead and detached cancer has"dropped-out" of it's "hole." The Christopher Black Ointment seems to draw out and kill any residual cells of cancer, and helps everything to heal quickly and without infection. I also use it as a general salve for other small sores or irritations. Love it!!!


Reviews 1-1 of 1