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White Pine Bark,  16 oz powder White Pine Bark powder
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    White Pine Bark powder

    Dr. Christophers HERBAL COMPOSITION POWDER, 16 oz. Dr Christophers Herbal Composition powder,Herbal Composition,herbs for flu,herbs for colds
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      Dr. Christopher's Herbal Composition Formula:Also known as Chest Formula in capsules, is designed with the specific relief of cold and flu-like symptoms in mind. Herbal Composition can be used as a preventative measure with the first early signs of illness or in later, more advanced stages to break up a cold or fever. It is also recommended as a means to fight off lingering congestion. The formula may be used safely and effectively for children as well as adults.Often used for treating: Colds,...

      Dr. Christophers CHEST FORMULA, 100 capsules Dr Christophers Chest Formula,herbs for flu,herbs for colds
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        Dr. Christopher's Chest Formula A synergistic blend of whole herbs for the immune system & cold weather season. During winter we are usually stuck inside, with lots of sniffling & sneezing people breathing the same air. It's important this time of year to get rest, wash hands frequently, drink plenty of fluids & you may escape the winter season unscathed.Dr. Christopher's Chest Formula is full of herbs that supports the body's immune system & is great for the cold season.Also available in...