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Yellow Dock Root,  16 oz powder Yellow Dock Root powder
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    Yellow Dock Root powder

    Yellow Dock Root,  16 oz cut Yellow Dock Root cut
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      Yellow Dock Root cut

      Dr. Christophers YELLOW DOCK COMBINATION CUT, 16 oz. Dr Christophers Yellow Dock Formula,herbs for reproductive problems
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        Dr. Christopher's Yellow Dock Combination in bulk cut: The herb Yellow Dock has considerable amounts of vitamin C, which has been used historically to help with the absorption of Iron. Yellow Dock is also over 50% iron by weight, thus it has been used historically for iron deficiency (anemia). But in addition to this, it has also been used to help build and relieve prolapsed organs such as the uterus, bowel, etc. as well as hemorrhoid problems.Our body uses iron to create the protein center of...

        Dr. Christophers HEAVY MINERAL BUGLEWEED FORMULA, 100 capsules herbs to detox drugs,herbs to detox heavy metals,Dr Christopher formula,Dr Christophers Heavy Mineral Bugleweed Formula
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          Dr. Christopher's Heavy Mineral Bugleweed FormulaUseful for combating pollution, both external and internal. It helps draw out dead non-beneficial minerals, drugs, and other pollutants trapped in the system. This formula is especially helpful when used in combination with the cleansing kit to increase the efficiency of the body in ridding itself of these harmful dead compounds.Every other day bathe in 1 to 3 pounds of Epson salts in a tub of hot water. The bathing routine should continue for...

          Dr. Christophers VB POWDER, 4 oz. Dr Christophers VB Herbal Bolus,herbs for prolapsed uterous,herbs for infertility
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            Dr. Christopher's VB Herbal bolus Whether preparing for pregnancy or just wanting to be healthier it is crucial to take care of our reproductive organs. Complications within the reproductive areas can lead to hormonal imbalances, infertility, pregnancy difficulties & painful menstrual periods. Eating correctly, regular exercise & herbs can help cleanse the reproductive system by removing excess hormones & toxins. Dr. Christopher's VB (Vaginal Bolus) Powder aids malnourished organs & supports...

            Dr. Christophers HERBAL IRON FORMULA, 100 capsules Dr Christophers Herbal Iron,natural iron products,food based iron,herbs that are iron rich,
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              Dr. Christopher's Herbal Iron FormulaHerbal Iron Formula is a synergistic blend of herbs rich in plant based iron. Our body uses iron to create the protein center of red blood cells. This iron-rich protein center binds oxygen & delivers it to our tissues. If our body lacks iron, we cannot create enough healthy red blood cells to properly deliver oxygen to tissues. It has long been known that many herbs & plants are very beneficial for health. These unique gifts of nature contain a...