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Pancreas Support, 120 capsules Western Botanicals Pancreas Support Formula,herbs for pancreas,natural pancreas support
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    The herbs in Western Botanicals Pancreas Support Formula are designed to aid in blood sugar metabolism particularly in Adult Onset Diabetes. Clinical studies have shown Devils Club and Cedar berries to be highly effective in the management of Diabetes. We recommend that this be used in conjunction with the Gymnema capsules. Monitoring of blood sugar is advised if inconsistent blood sugar is a concern. If symptoms of irregular blood sugar persist consult with your healthcare professional...

    Dr. Christophers GLANDULAR SYSTEM OINTMENT, 2 oz. Dr Christopher Glandular System Ointment,herbs for glandular problems,herbs for gland function
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      Dr. Christopher's Glandular System Ointment A synergistic blend of Mullein Leaf and Lobelia Herb. Mainly due to its soothing nature, Mullein has also been used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, ulcers and inflammatory skin disorders, as well as earaches and many lung ailments. One reason many herbalists tend to favor mullein is simply because of its ability to break up congestion. Mullein is also known to many herbalists as a specific herb to help assist the body with many glandular disorders....

      Dr. Christophers GLANDULAR SYSTEM FORMULA, 100  capsules  herbs for glands,Dr Christopher formula for glands,Dr Christopher Glandular Formula,Dr. Christophers formulas,Dr Christopher herb shop
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        Dr. Christopher's Glandular System FormulaGlandular System Formula is a synergistic blend of Mullein Leaf & Lobelia Herb for the glandular system. The Glandular System is a network that communicates with the body's adrenal, thyroid, pancreas & pituitary gland. Many emotional & physical issues are caused from hormone imbalance & weak glands. There is no doubt that our glandular system can get out of balance, especially when it is not taken care of with good nutrition & lifestyle habits. Mullein...

        Dr. Christophers PANCREAS FORMULA, 100 capsules Dr Christophers Pancreas Formula,herbs for hypoglycemia,herbs for diabetes
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          Dr. Christopher's Pancreas formulaA synergistic blend of herbs for the pancreas.Our pancreas is an amazing gland in the abdomen that produces insulin & helps our body break down foods. When our pancreas is healthy it is self-regulating, working day & night for our entire life. A healthy pancreas is able to produce the right chemicals at the right times in the right quantities in order to properly digest the food we eat. Today's average diet lacks many essential nutrients that are needed to...