Why should I create a user account?

Login to My Customer Account

You do not need to create a account to order from Herbs First. 

When you register an account, you will be able to view your order history, as well as save your billing/shipping information for faster checkout.

When you come to Herbs First click the "Customer Login" link to log in. After signing in, you can click on “My Account” in the left side menu which will take to to your profile page.

Click on the "Orders” near the bottom, and you will be given a list of your previous orders.

Clicking "Reorder" will take the products from the previous order and add them to your shopping cart, so you can quickly repurchase these items.

If you click the order number, you will be given a detailed summary of your purchase.

Tracking for your order is also available with a link to take you to your tracking information for your orders.

If you choose to login using Facebook, when you click the Facebook Button it will send you to a Facebook Login page.

If you are already logged in, it will refresh and log you in through our online store. When you return to Herbs First and click on "Login with Facebook" you will be signed in with your Facebook account automatically.

Using the "Login with Facebook" feature will also pre-fill your name and email at checkout.