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Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas


Adrenal Formula

Adrenetone powder (Adrenal)

Anti-Spasmodic Formula

Appetite Formula

AR-1 powder (Joint)


Barberry LG cut (Liver-Gallbladder)

Barberry LG powder (Liver-Gallbladder)

Beauty Facial Cream

Bee Power Energy Formula

BF&C Conditioner

BF&C cut

BF&C powder (Complete Tissue and Bone)

BF&C Fizzy Bath Bomb

BF&C Hair & Scalp Massage Formula

BF&C Shampoo

Bilberry Eye Support Formula

Birth Prep Formula

Black Drawing Ointment

Black Walnut Hull extract

Bladder Formula

Blood Circ Formula

Blood Stream Formula

BPE powder (Blood Circ)


C Formula cut (Essiac Tea)

Calc Tea cut (Herbal Calcium)

Calc Tea powder Herbal Calcium)

Cayenne - 40,000 HU alcohol extract

Cayenne Heat Ointment and Massage Oil

Cayenne, HOT 180,000 hu alcohol extract

Changease powder (Hormonal Changease)

Chest Formula

Chickweed Ointment (itch)

Cold Sore Relief, lip balm

Comfrey Ointment

Complete Tissue & Bone Formula

CSR extract


Ear & Nerve Formula

Echinacea Extract

Echinacea & Goldenseal

Elderberry extract


Female Reproductive Formula

Female Tonic Formula

Fen LB (Lower Bowel)


Garlic, Rosehips & Parsley, powder (Winter Season)


Glandular System Formula


Hawthorn Berry Heart Syrup

Heavy Mineral Bugleweed Formula

Herbal Calcium Formula

Herbal Cleansing Kit

Herbal Composition Powder (Chest)

Herbal Cough Syrup

Herbal Eye Formula (Herbal Eyebright Formula)

Herbal Iron Formula

Herbal Libido Formula

Herbal Parasite Syrup

Herbal Thyroid Formula

Herbal Tooth & Gum Powder

Hormonal Changease Formula

Hot Lemon, lip balm



Immune System Formula

Intestinal Sweep Formula


Joint Formula

Junipars Powder (Kidney)

Jurassic Green