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Dr. Christophers METABURN POWDER, 16 oz. Dr Christophers Metaburn powder,herbs for weightloss,Dr Christopher herbs on sale
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    Dr. Christopher's Metaburn powder A synergistic blend of whole herbs designed to assist the body in burning calories (fat burners) while controlling the appetite and hunger pains. This thermogenic formula has a stimulant effect, as well as cleansing with cleansing herbs and strengthening the digestive system. When losing weight the body gets depleted of vital nutrients. While most thermogenic fat burner formulas deplete the body of vital nutrition, Metaburn supplies the essential vitamins and...

    Dr. Christophers METABURN HERBAL WEIGHT FORMULA, 100 capsules Dr Christophers Metaburn,herbs for weightloss,herbs to burn fat
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      Dr. Christopher's Metaburn Herbal Weight FormulaA synergistic blend of whole herbs designed to assist the body in burning calories while controlling the appetite & hunger pains. Maintaining a healthy weight can be hard in our fast food, massive portion sized culture & losing weight can be even tougher. Adding to the difficulty is all the quick fixes & fad diets that tempt & confuse us. If your weight is a balancing act, then there are plenty of small but powerful changes that will help you...