Brigham Tea (Mormon Tea) Powder, 16 oz Brigham Tea,Mormon Tea,Ephedra Nevadensis

Brigham Tea (Mormon Tea) Powder, 16 oz (109-056)

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This shrub is broom-like, resembling horsetail grass. The jointed green stems and branches of some species reach the height of 7 feet, although most are smaller. Two or three scale-like leaves grow at joints in stem and branches. Male and female...
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<p>I like to use Desert tea (Brigham/Mormon tea) as a decongestant instead of drug store Sudefed or other. I use 00 veggie capsules and the powder form for convenience when I get stuffy and also add it to matcha in small doses, along with licorice root powder and cocoa for a breakfast hot drink. I read that this genus Ephedra does not contain the ephedrine of the sinensis version so I think it's safe to use.</p>

Reviews 1-1 of 1