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Pain Relief Extract, 2 oz  Western Botanicals Pain Relief Extract,natural pain relief,herbal pain formula

Pain Relief Extract, 2 oz (122-166)

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Western Botanicals Pain Relief Formula: head aches, back pain, muscle pain, joint inflammation all cause annoying and sometimes debilitating pain. While long-term solutions are important, you may often find yourself in need of temporary pain...
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This Non-Narcotic Pain Relief really works!

<p>I don't like taking over the counter pain medication because I know too many people that have been harmed by it, some even died. Western Botanicals Pain Relief Formula is one of my go-to natural formulas that I like to use. It works, no worries of harm to my liver and other organs. No issues of addiction. It takes care of the pain so I can get on with my day. Great to take at night too, it works fast so I can get to sleep.</p>

Reviews 1-1 of 1