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Western Botanicals Quick Reference Guide Go to Name Index go to Western Botanicals Formulas index page Blood Cleansing Tea available in 4 oz, 8 oz & 16 oz: Chaparral herb & flower, Echinacea root,...
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Skin Soothe Capsules, 120 capsules Western Botanicals Skin Soothe Capsules,Western Botanicals,herbs to repair tissue and bones
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    Western Botanicals Skin Soothe Capsules Forrmerly CTRComplete Tissue Repair, assists the body to recover from injury or trauma. We recommend Complete Tissue Repair Syrup or vegicaps for any injury or degenerative bone, muscle or nerve conditions. This miracle combination contains herbs known as cell-proliferants – which assists in the rapid repair of damaged tissue, whether cut, burned or bruised. Always have this on hand as well as the CTR Ointment. Western Botanicals Skin Soothe capsules...

    Deep Heat Ointment, 5 oz. Western Botanicals Deep Heat Ointment
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      Western Botanicals Deep Heat Ointment This is a combination of our Deep Heat Formula with cayenne and essential oils and our CTR formula. Rub directly into the muscles or joints that suffer from pain or injury. The ointments' consistency is perfect so no more worry about spills or drips. Use for sprains, strains, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, stiff necks and general aches. Wonderfully soothing for stiff necks and muscle pain. Massage into areas of sore muscles or injury. Do not apply to...

      Skin Soothe Salve, 5 oz. Wesern Botanicals Skin Soothe Salve,Wesern Botanicals Complete Tissue Repair Ointment,ointment for skin injuries,ointment for joint problems
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        Western Botanicals Skin Soothe Salve, formerly CTR Ointment This herbal combination was designed to aid and speed the recovery of connective tissue, injuries or problems: bone, tendon, ligaments, muscle and skin. A wonderful complete tissue repair formula. Apply the salve to wounds, burns (amazing), injuries, ulcer, sores, rashes, cuts, bruises, etc. Apply generously externally over injuries or wounds. Do not remove excess Skin Soothe Salve when applying new, just keep adding the salve until...