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Infection Formula, 100 capsules Dr Christophers Infection Formula,herbs to kill infection,herbs for lymphatic system,herbs to cleans the lymphatic system
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    Dr. Christopher's Infection FormulaA synergistic blend of herbs for the lymphatic system. When we eat food, the body digests & sends nutrients to every living cell. As the cells process these nutrients some waste is created. An abundance of waste in our lymphatic vessels built up over time can block the lymph nodes, decreasing the body's ability to fight infections. Dr. Christopher's time tested Infection formula supports the body's lymphatic system which is helpful to promote overall health....

    Immune System Formula, 100 capsules Dr Christophers Immune System Formula,herbs to boost immuns system,herbs for the immune system
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      Dr. Christopher's Immune System FormulaThe herbs in Immune System Formula have been used for thousands of years as tonics for preventative health care. Using this tonic formula on a daily basis helps strengthen the immune system and guard against invaders. Tonics work best in small amounts over long period of time. Echinacea in this formula also acts as a tonic which negates its week-on/week-off standard usage. Very effective when taken at the first signs of sickness to stop it in its...

      INF powder, 16 oz. Dr Christophers INF Formula,herbs to kill infection,herbs to help lymphatic system
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      Dr. Christopher's INF Formula powder Known for its ability to help combat infections. This time tested formula reduces inflammation, kills infection, clears toxins from the lymph system, and is a natural infection fighter.Formerly known as Lymphatic Formula and also known as Infection Formula.Supplement Facts% Daily ValueProprietary Blend:*Plantain Leaf, Black Walnut Leaf, Goldenseal Root, Bugleweed Herb, Marshmallow Root & Lobelia Herb.* Daily Value not established.No added Fillers or...