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Angelica Root Extract, 1 oz
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    Angelica Root Extract 1 oz. 50% pure grain alcohol base. Origin(s): Bulgaria, Croatia. Latin Name(s): Angelica archangelica. Also known as: Archangel, european angelica, garden angelica, wild parsnip, holy ghost, wild celery, norwegian angelica. Plant Part(s) Used: Root. Ingredients: Angelica Root. Other Ingredients: A base of pure Grain Alcohol & Distilled Water. Serving Size: 30 Drops. Servings Per Container: 19. GMO Status: Non-GMO. Allergen: None. Additives: Free of any additives or...

    Dong Quai Powder, 16 oz Dong Quai powder
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      Dong Quai means "state of return". Chinese herbal medicine has used dong quai to help women return to their natural hormonal and emotional states after the toxins and emotional injuries in the energy organ known as the "liver." Origin(s): China. Latin Name(s): Angelica sinensis. Also known as: Chinese angelica, dang gui, tang kuei, tan kue. Plant Part(s) Used: Root. Appearance: Light brown. Aroma: Celery-like. Taste: Bittersweet. GMO Status: Non-GMO. Allergen: None. Additives: Free of any...