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Garden Essence Oils Reference GuideGo to Name Index Allspice - Relieves colic, flatulence and other digestive disorders. An aromatic stimulant and carminative for the gastro-intestinal tract....

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Basil, 15 ml. Garden Essence Oils Basil,basil essential oil
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    Garden Essence Oils Basil (basilicum var crispum) - Egypt - 100% pure essential oil by Garden Essence Oils. This sweet spicy scent relaxes the mind and alleviates aches and pains. Great for ear infection, rub a little drop around the ear canal and around the back of ear down the throat. Put a drop on a cotton ball and put in infected ear. Useful in blends for anxiety, insomnia, migraines and fatigue. Antidepressant, antiseptic, cephalic, decongestant (prostate, uterus), galactagogue,...

    Motherwort Herb Extract, 1 oz
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      Motherwort Herb Extract 1 oz. 50% pure grain alcohol base. Origin(s): Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, United States. Latin Name(s): Leonurus cardiaca. Also known as: Lions Tail, lion's ear, throwwort. Plant Part(s) Used: Herb. Ingredients: Motherwort Herb. Other Ingredients: A base of pure Grain Alcohol & Distilled Water. Serving Size: 30 Drops. Servings Per Container: 19. GMO Status: Non-GMO. Allergen: None. Additives: Free of any additives or preservatives. Direction: Shake well before...

      Dr. Christophers RESPIRATORY MASSAGE OIL, 2 oz. Dr Christophers Respiratory Massage Oil,herbs for respiratory problems,Dr Christopher herb shop
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        Dr. Christopher's Respiratory Massage Oil Every day we breathe in and out about 20,000 times using every aspect of the respiratory system: throat, nose, windpipe & lungs. Many factors including pollutants, irritants, smoking & genetics can cause our lungs to develop problems and our respiratory system will have a harder time filtering out toxins.Ingredients: Mullein and Olive Oil. Mullein oil is also used in ear drops for the treatment of ear infections. In lab tests published in 2002,...

        Dr. Christophers EAR & NERVE FORMULA EXTRACT, 2 oz. Dr Christophers Ear and Nerve Formula,herbs for ear nerve damage,herbs for hearing loss,B & B tincture
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          Dr. Christopher's Ear & Nerve Formula (B & B tincture) is specific to the motor nerves, yet it is greatly beneficial to the whole nervous system. It is also popular for earaches and hearing loss. Used historically to help aid in assisting an improvement of poor equilibrium, failure of hearing, aiding the motor nerves, helping to rebuild the nerves and nervous system, etc. This formula has also been used historically for the health and vitality of the spinal cord and other nerves. Directions:...