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ParaLeave Formula Extract, 2 oz., (Anti-Parasite) Western Botanicals Paraleave Formula,Western Botanicals Anti-Parasite Formula,herbs to kill parasites,herbs to expel parasites
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    Western Botanicals ParaLeave Formula (Anti-Parasite)Supports the efforts of the intestinal system and aids in the elimination of worms and parasites. Safety Guidelines: Not intended if pregnant or nursing.Western Botanicals ParaLeave Formula contains: Black Walnut hull, Lavender flower, Pumpkin seed, Wormseed, Cramp bark, Grapefruit peel, Black Currant fruit, Black Currant leaf, Olive leaf, Quassia wood, Sweet Annie tops, Wormwood leaf. Paraleave Alcohol Extract: 2 droppersful 2 times daily or...