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Dr. Christophers BLADDER FORMULA, 100 capsules Dr Christophers bladder formula,herbs to strengthen uretha,herbs for bed-wetting,herbs for incontinence
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    Dr. Christopher's Bladder FormulaBladder formula is specifically for controlling or overcoming bed-wetting and strengthening the entire urethral canal, kidneys, bladder, etc.Occasionally the urinary tract system may need extra support to function properly.Bladder Formula has been used historically to support the entire urethral canal, bladder & kidneys. Bladder formula is a natural incontinence or bed wetting formula.Formerly Known as DRIIngredients: Parsley Root, Juniper Berries, Marshmallow...

    Dr. Christophers KID-E-DRY, 2 oz. Dr Christophers Kid-e-Dry,herbs for children to stop bedwetting,herbs for bedwetting
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      Dr. Christopher's Kid-e-DryThis formula is specifically for controlling or overcoming bed-wetting and to strengthen the entire urethral canal, kidneys, bladder, etc. Supplement FactsServing Size: 5 Drops Servings per container: 228 Amount per Serving: 5 Drops % Daily Value Proprietary Blend: * Parsley Root, Juniper Berry, Marshmallow Root, White Pond Lily, Gravel Root, Uva Ursi Leaf, Lobelia Herb, Ginger Root & Black Cohosh Root. * Daily Value not established. Other Ingredients: A base of pure...

      Dr. Christophers KIDNEY FORMULA EXTRACT, 2 oz. Dr Christophers Kidney Formula,herbs for kidney problems,kidney cleanse
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        Dr. Christopher's Kidney FormulaA synergistic blend of herbs for the urinary system. Natural Kidney & Bladder SupportFormerly known as Juni ParsDescription: This formula is a specific for the kidneys. Approximately 80% of the body is liquid, and much of this fluid must be pumped, filtered, etc., through the urinary system of the individual. We generally do not take the best care of this delicate tract. Through it circulates irritating and clogging-type materials, i.e., tea, coffee, soft...

        Spearmint Leaf Cut, 16 oz
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          Spearmint Leaf, therapeutic properties of spearmint are similar to peppermint, but as it is much milder, it is to be preferred in disorders of infancy, culinary purposes, confectionery, perfumery, etc. It has a gentle diaphoretic action of mild perspiration, and as a diuretic it is very beneficial to the kidney, bladder (especially for suppression of urine). Spearmint is a very soothing and quieting agent for the nerves and stomach, and it is added to many compounds because of its...